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Be the hands and feet behind our ministry by donating or serving alongside us. 

Treasure Valley Gathering and Resource Centers EIN: 92-1642075


Partner with us in impacting the Meridian community. 

  • What community events do you host?
    We love community and want to create spaces for connection. We offer the following events through the summer: 1. Movie nights 2. Youth nights 3. BBQ's and Community dinners 4. Game nights 5. Cooking classes and so much more! Check out our calendar to find out more.
  • What kinds of resources can we offer?
    As a Community Center, we offer community events, legal counsel, health and welfare counsel, education services and classes. We also can refer you out to other resources and services in the area such as: 1. Clothing, toiletries 2. Medical, dental and mental health services 3. Disability and employment services 4. Financial and rent assistance 5. Shelters and transportation 6. Substance abuse clinics 7. Support groups And much much more. Visit us or call us for more information.
  • Why do you support Meridian?
    We have a heart for Meridian, because we have seen the need for real community. Though Meridian is the fastest growing city in the nation, there are many people who get overlooked, and we seek to provide community and a welcome atmosphere for the people who need help and friendship.
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