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Family Support and Resources in Meridian

Our Resources

We have a heart to serve the community with the resources we provide, as well as the one's the greater Meridian community provides. See the list below to see how we will help support you in getting the resources you need. 

Emergent Needs

The center provides for these specific immediate needs:

Hygiene – soap, shampoo, deodorant, body wash, toilet paper, feminine products, incontinence products, food. 

Other emergent needs such as baby formula, diapers, food boxes, shelter, utilities, etc., please contact 211 for local food pantries.

Health Classes and Community Nurse Program

Attend a Health class, learn more about nutrition and health, join a support group or talk to our Community Nurse for help. 

Teen Mental Wellness Center at the Garage

Community events, support groups and encouragement for teens to engage others in non-clinical mental wellness conversations.

Community Connections Resources

We have certain resources available and can point you to other nonprofits and services in the area that will support you as needed. Come in our location in Downtown Meridian or check out the manual below. 

Life Coaching and Advocacy

Don't have support or a safety net, and trying to get through a difficult situation? Talk to an Advocate to plan out your steps and gain support and resources. 

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