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Renew: Youth Mental Wellness

At the Garage

The Garage Youth Mental Wellness in Meridian

The Garage

Purpose - Place - People

We recently received access to the lot next to our existing building on State Avenue - on this lot, we will create additional gathering places in Meridian and opportunities for connection. 

Youth Mental Wellness Program at the Garage

Youth Mental Wellness

Because Young People Matter to Jesus

Over the next year, we plan to fix up the lot. We will use the space to open conversations about life, purpose, relationships, and non-clinical mental wellness, because teens and young adults matter to Jesus.

61% of young adults report experiencing serious loneliness and Idaho had the 5th highest suicide rate in the US in 2020. 


A survey conducted in November 2022 in Boise found that 30% of junior high students and 44% of high schoolers are depressed. 


Recent surveys show the worst ratings for hopelessness, sadness, experiences of violence and experiences of suicidal ideation in our young people since the history of monitoring it in the US.


Preventing social isolation can be as simple as reminding students that they have a purpose, that they have a place, and they have other people around them, and EVERYONE in the community has a responsibility for youth.

The Garage Brand Guide and Moodboards-14.png

What Will Happen Here? 


The Garage will be a gathering place for teens and young adults to explore PURPOSE and RELATIONSHIP through non-clinical open conversations, music, food, and Jesus. 


The Garage will be a place to hang out, do homework, drink free coffee and eat food. The Garage will include events, music, worship, prayer and open conversation. At the Garage, there will be music, laughter, creativity, open discussion, meaningful conversation, and openness for all people. 


Young people will experience: 


PURPOSE: We believe every young person has a purpose, and they matter. 


PLACE: We believe every person desires to find a place to belong. 

PEOPLE: We believe relationship is the key to mental wellness.

Help Us Start the Program

Coming Summer 2024

You can make a difference by donating today to help us open the Garage this summer so the youth and Young Adults of Meridian have a place, a purpose and a people. Your donations will help us get our building up and running, and furnish the inside of the building so we can open to students in Summer of 2024 and begin our youth mental wellness program. 

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