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A Five-Day Internship to...
Discover Your Purpose
Explore your purpose and discover why you were created.
Explore Your Passion
Discover the passions Jesus put in you to impact the world.
Learn Practices to Follow Jesus
Learn through daily worship, prayer, teaching, and prophetic ministry.
Hands On Ministry in a Community Center 
Support a local community center in daily ministry
 and serve practical needs in the city.
Impact Kids in Meridian, Idaho
Provide an open door to Jesus by helping run an Arts & Sports camp for kids.

Twenty Six Eight

"Made for This" INTERNSHIP

June ______, 2024

Ages 16-25

Why Do the Internship?
About Us

What is the Internship?

Join us for a five-day internship in Boise, Idaho to learn about your purpose, your passions, and key practices of Jesus followers. We equip teens and young adults to discover their purpose and implement it in real-life ministry. During this internship, interns will spend time in worship, prayer, and learning, help facilitate a three-day Art & Sports camp for kids 5-11, and serve in practical ministry in the city. 



How Much Does It Cost? 

The cost of the week experience is $250. This covers housing, in town transportation, food, and activities. This doesn't include your flight or transportation to Meridian.

What Should I Bring?

Plan on bringing all items on this packing list.  

What is the Kids Camp?

What Ministry Opportunities Are There? 

Each evening, interns will help facilitate a kids camp for low-income kids in Meridian. 

Each afternoon, you will do ministry in the city, including but not limited to: street ministry, physical labor, prayer walks, and more.

What Will We Do Each Day?

Click on this link for a daily schedule of the internship.

Where Will You Stay?

You will be sleeping at either our Church Office or the Meridian Gathering and Resource Center. 

Our Team
Joelle Sperry
Internship Director
Atalie Snyder
Internship Teacher
Pastor David Snyder
Internship Teacher
Jazmine Martin
Kids Camp STEM Coordinator
Why Meridian? 
Idaho had the 5th highest suicide rate in the US  and 132 students under 18 died by suicide in the last five years. More than 5 times as many people die by suicide in than in alcohol related motor vehicle accidents.

Meridian was the fourth fastest-growing city in the country over the past decade. Growing pains have excluded people. Since COVID, housing issues, domestic violence, mental health issues and economic shifts are drastically drawing countless people into poverty and isolation. 

Loneliness has become an epidemic - 61% of young adults report experiencing serious loneliness. Even with all of the churches and resources in the area, many people are not receiving the mental health, medical, legal and financial help they need.


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Why Meridian
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